Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A little about Matt Southall

Hello everyone, I'm a little late to this party so I'll make this short and sweet.
My name is Matt Southall, 24, and a mass comm major here at State. I grew up in Hallettsville, Tx, a small, country town about half-way between Houston and San Antonio. I have a few hobbies, but playing and watching sports takes up the majority of my time outside of class and work. In fact I'm not sure what I would do with all my spare time if sports weren't such a prevalent fixture in my little world. When I'm not a sports watching zombie, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and other friends, reading, and playing fetch with my cat, Dude. When August 8th arrives, I hope the skills and knowledge gained from this course can be used in my career or even in general day-to-day activities. Below is a photo of Dude.

Here  are pictures of kittens, because everyone loves kittens.

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