Monday, July 23, 2012

Well-designed websites

I prefer simply designed websites. I found good designs for cloth brands websites.

I really like this kinds of background for print advertising or web designs. Especially, the very first page has so simple contents. I think Ralph Lauren keeps its distinguish logo in their most advertising and promotions. In this summer, this website show Olympic promotion. And other pages from navigation also include same pattern with front page. In addition, this pattern well-fitted with their products' style.

This website for Pepe Jeans also shows a simple design. The very first page include video file in the center. This website is well-designed as the website for "Jeans". The background is basically black color, and navigation of the front page is light blue. I think This combination is pretty good. The most interesting page of this website is error pages. As you can wee above, the sign of error pages looks like a jean label. In most websites, the sign of errors just one sentence notice or simple signal. I was so impressed by this part, because the designers did not miss this small piece of website.

Even though I prefer simple pattern for websites, I really like this website. I believe you already know the logo of United Colors of Benetton. It is a very famous logo as a vivid color combination. This website very well shows this concept of logo. Because their colors of navigation background are vivid, its' background is white. In addition, the navigation well-works as a basic function.

For project 3, I would like to pick simple pattern with dark colors for background rather than vivid color, because I will make  a website for my hobby, photographs. I think dark colors are more well-fitted with any types of pictures than light colors. I will unify the same pattern on every pages.

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