Sunday, July 10, 2011


Are you an avid listener of American alternative rock? If so, you might be interested in Wilco, a Chicago based band composed of rock and country roots.

Wilco was formed in 1994 by Jeffy Tweedy and three of his former bandmates after the break-up of Uncle Tupelo. Since then, the lineup of the band has changed over the course of the years and has included a variety of bandmembers, which include: Jeff Tweedy-guitarist and vocalist from Bellville, IL, John Stirratt-bass player from Mandeville, LA, Glenn Kotche-drummer from Roselle, IL, Nels Clines-guitarist from Los Angeles, CA, Pat Sansone-multi-instrumentalist from Meridian, MS, Leroy Back-multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL, Mikeal Jorgensen- keyboard player from Brunswick, NJ, Ken Coomer-drummer from Nashville, TN, Max Johnston-multi-instrumentalists from Austin, TX, Brian Henreman-guitarist from Festus, MO, Bob Egan-multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL, and Jay Bennet-multi instrumentalists from Rowling Meadows, IL.

This information was obtained by Googling the name "Wilco" where I stumbled upon the band's main page, which had little to no information. Upon visiting the band's page, I decided to return to the Google search page and click on Wikipedia where I found a substantial amount of the band's background information. After doing so, I then searched for the bandmember's names by inputting "Wilco's bandmembers" on the Google's search tab. Subsequently, I then clicked on this website which provided me with the names of all of Wilco's band players. After obtaining their names I decided to individually Google search them by using their first and last name in addition to the word biography. By doing so, I obtained a series of sites that provided me with the bandmember's background information:;;;;;;;;;;;

And thus, this is how I obtained the information listed above.

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