Monday, July 18, 2011

The Internet: Constantly Changing

I have learned that "The Only Constant is Change" and with change being inevitable I have learned that one factor that has not changed to achieve success is- money. Money has dominated the American society and your potential to succeed in the American society greatly. 
"Download: The True Story of the Internet" helped me realize even more than this is true and even with Internet Explorer being able to be offered for free to its clients the bottom line was that Bill Gates and his company had enough money to be offering this browser and product for free. Where as Netscape went under because of their lack of money to be able to offer consumers something comparable for free or low price.

To me what everything boils down to is money, who has the most of it will succeed in any part or branch of the internet. A saying that comes to my mind often is: "It Takes Money to Make Money" and I truly believe that, you can always be poor and get investors and sponsors etc but money is a necessity to be the very best at anything. 

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