Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Internet: Observations and Trends

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I find it interesting that Yahoo and Google, the two most popular Internet search engines, originated in Silicon Valley and were developed by ambitious college students. I also find it amazing that these students had no idea how big search engines would become. Their stories prove that you never know to what extent an idea or dream can evolve.

One trend I believe will continue is that people will always have the desire to create and compete, especially when it comes to the Internet. Since the beginning of the Internet and search engines, makers have looked for ways to refine technology in order to make their products the most efficient. Although one would have to be very ambitious to compete with Google’s success, there will always be innovative people looking to make a better, more popular product. And some day, someone might succeed.

Even in the music industry, people doubted the success of using the Internet to share songs. After Napster was developed, they realized they were wrong. Although Napster violated copyright laws and caused controversy, the revolutionary program pioneered online music sharing and ultimately changed the way millions of people listen to music. If it wasn’t for Napster, iTunes may not exist today. It also made a permanent impact on the record industry.

The development of the Internet has brought success and convenience to millions of people, and it has evoked many emotions in the process. The Internet is a vehicle for new opportunities, and there is not an industry its impact hasn’t touched. But along with the exciting possibilities of the online world comes concerns about safety and security. Internet users everywhere have to take the good with the bad.

The most obvious trend not likely to change in the online world is that if you fail to embrace new ideas, technology will leave you behind.

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