Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who am I?
My name is Abel Valencia. I'm a public relations senior at Texas State University with a minor in political communication, and I'm an intern at the Hays County Food Bank. I'm taking this class to gain more skill in web design to have in my toolkit when I begin job-hunting.

I'm deeply involved in student life at Texas State. I'm the president of the Student Organizations Council, previously the director of marketing and public relations. I was an Associated Student Government senator for 3 semesters and have served in many capacities there.

History of the Web
I feel like I've seen this video before when I took a BCIS class in middle school or perhaps my Web Design class in high school. It's all very familiar. I knew about the Cold War influences on the development of ARPA and ARPANET.

I think it interesting that the idea of the Internet came from the concept of sharing resources. It seems almost too simple, as though it could have been thought of earlier. I also find it promising that many graduate students were the pioneers of the Internet.

No surprise that email became the "killer app." I'm still waiting for the USPS to dissolve and for email to replace it all. I use email all day long, and it's synced with my iPhone.

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