Monday, July 18, 2011

Search and Power People

When the first video started playing and it kept talking about Excite, I was a bit confused. I've never heard of it before, so I thought about Google-ing it. Found out the reason I never heard of it, is because it's pretty lame. And now even more lame to me because they thought they could be like Google, so they refused to buy them for $1 million. Probably the worst idea ever.

I liked how the video brought up the fact that Yahoo! and Excite forgot about being a "search" engine and just used their ways with ads. I think it was Google's calling to step in a show them what a true search engine is all about. (Sorry, I go googley over Google). I also enjoyed hearing how they (Google) said they would be BIG, big as in $10 billion in revenue and they have reached just that (well pretty close to that).

Power People:
I loved the part about the web "connecting individuals." Although, sometimes I feel like a private person, having social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ makes me feel connected to the outside world.

This video took me back to high school days when it referred to Napster, it surprises me how extreme some artist took this, as we all know, people get free downloads ALL the time, and not just music!

Themes and Future:
Common theme throughout the videos were the guys (literally, all of them were dudes) and they were all from Stanford/Silicon Valley area, with the exception of Mark and Shawn.

For the future, it's almost predictable that Google will still be in the lead above all other search sites. Also, I can see Google+ taking over Facebook, if they play their cards right :D

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