Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The name is Staci (Staci De Leon).
I have lived in Texas my whole life but Austin has been my "hometown" for five years. I am a public relations major and communication studies minor. After thinking long and hard, I have decided to follow my dreams in becoming a high school speech teacher. So, after I graduate I would love to grab a teaching certificate.

Currently I am employed by one of the coolest bosses; he works around my school schedule and even lets me blog at work! I love my job, even though it's the complete opposite of what I want to do in life.

One thing that keeps me sane is baking. I love baking cookies and cupcakes. I also enjoy mountain biking, shooting guns, yoga, shoe shopping, following sports (yes, I'm a girl who follows sports), wine tasting, road trips, museums, concerts (ACL mainly) and playing with my cats.

I enrolled in MC 4315 to learn how to become a better "IT" person. I like learning new things, so as much as I know this class will probably be a challenge, I know it's one I am ready to face.

Video observation: This video reminded me of how Austin has become such a huge technological mecca - so big that it has attracted those who invented the internet (Robert Metcalfe) to those who are looking to change the internet in the near future.

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