Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Bio

My name is Fletcher and I’m a senior Journalism major with a minor in Business Administration and I’m set to graduate in December. I grew up almost my whole life in the Cedar Park/Round Rock area of the north Austin suburbs. I moved to North Carolina for six months when I was a freshman in high school because my mom wanted to be closer to her family there while my dad was in Afghanistan, but I don’t really count my time spent there because it was so short.

I love sports, movies, TV, and cooking. I’d love to figure out a way to combine all of those, but so far I haven’t found the best way to do that. I’ve worked in sports media for a few years, and I use my personal twitter account to talk about the other subjects. If I do get a job in sports writing then Bill Simmons ( is a writer I enjoy reading who works in a lot of pop culture references into his sports columns.

My younger brother and I couldn't be any more different. I’m 6’5”, and at 19 he’s a small 5’5”. I like sports and he likes cartoons, but our one real common ground is movies and television. The last two years we've watched every Academy Award best picture nominee and we've bought and watched the entire DVD sets of The Wire, Mad Men, Weeds, and Arrested Development.

All the work I've done in sports writing has been online. I spent two years working at and I've spent the last six months at a new venture called Learning tools like HTML, coding, and video editing will really help if I continue with these online sports markets.

I've also had jobs at ESPN Radio in Austin (now called “The Horn”) and I did play by play for Texas State baseball and softball this spring with KTSW.

This is starting to feel a little too much like an eharmony profile, so I’ll get to the real stuff.

I was really interested in the fact that President Eisenhower created ARPA to battle sputnik, and that e-mail was created by Tomlinson in his free time and not as part of a big project designed to invent it.

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