Saturday, July 9, 2011

Digital Camera Search

In need of a new camera? Check this out!

The first thing I did was of course was Google the top rated digital cameras. Of course there where about four "sponsored sites" and then below where lists such as, Best Cameras, Best DSLRs, Best best best, etc, so I clicked on a site that took me to Digital Camera Review. Here I was thinking that a Cannon of a Nikon would be number one, but the Olympus E-P3 held the title.

The camera is listed at $899 with a lens kit of your choice. Sad thing about this camera, it was only released in India and Japan :(

BUT, if you want to wait for a great camera, check out these websites:
- (click on the photo gallery, pick a picture, click on the part of the picture you want to focus more on, and voila...magic happens)

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