Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is currently the #1 song in the UK now?

Thanks to robust search tools like Google, this question can easily be answered in a few keystrokes. When "#1 song in the UK now" is searched, the first organic link listed is fellow search engine competitor Yahoo! It reports DJ Fresh and Sian Evans' song "Louder" is in its first week at the top.

DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans
1st week on top

However, The Top 40 charts is the next organic link listed which argues Jason Derulo still holds the title with "Don't Wanna Go Home" for the second week in a row.

Jason Derulo
Don't Wanna Go Home
2nd week on top

"Now That's What I Call Music!" managed to find its way to the top spot on both Yahoo! and Bing instead of the most related content. After further investigation, "Louder" outshines "Don't Wanna Go Home" with more credible sources such as

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