Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stephanie's Intro to Class

Hi class! To introduce myself again, I’m Stephanie Evans and am an Advertising major at Texas State University with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I would best describe myself as a combination of geek and chic! I started teaching myself to code HTML and CSS as a freshman in high school, and caught the techie bug! I’m really looking forward to this class to learn more about the ever evolving web.

I currently work full time to put myself through school. I split work time between interpreting for the deaf and web design/development. My mom started a school for the deaf when I was little, and it's a blessing to use as a resource now. Working as an interpreter led to opportunities online like designing sites for interpreting agencies and a couple non-profit organizations.

What continues to amaze me is the power of the web and internet. The video shown in class proved it when they showed just how little computer power it took to fly to the moon! I can’t remember which speaker said it, but this next quote struck me. He said, “Things that matter the most usually don’t have anybody in charge.” This was interesting, because it was startling to have so much trouble simply describing the difference between the internet and web in class. It is easy to hop on the computer everyday to work, socialize or surf without any acknowledgment of how it works or where it came from. These are the same people running very profitable businesses via e-Commerce. There are so many players in the game of the world wide web; everyone with a different strategy.

It is refreshing to not only see a linear timeline of how it all came about, but also to look at history in the works. The film itself is a piece of history. Thanks to technology we can simply press play to portal back in time.

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