Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Credibility is extremely important to be aware of when searching the web. In this Web Credibility Assignment, the website www.anesi.com/titanic.htm is evaluated. This website provides theory and statistics of casualties who died on Titanic. Content, authority and presentation are evaluated here to determine the site's credibility.

The webpage entitled "Titanic Casualty Figures" looks complete. The page was last updated and copyrighted in 1997 by Chuck Anesi. This website looks to be directed at someone looking for straight facts and content. There are no bells and whistles to entice the everyday web surfer. There are a few external links that work which verify the source's facts. The last link listed in the content however, "The Telegraph Office," does not. There is only one internal link leading back to the front page at the very bottom.

Chuck Anesi, author of the website, does not provide much about himself on his website. Only his email is listed. When his name is entered into a search engine, naturally his website is shown first. Other sites are very vague about his bio as well. Any outside associates, affiliations or sponsors are not made known.

The website's overall appearance is very basic. There are few graphics and the small bold text makes reading long paragraphs challenging. The lack of navigation makes maneuvering around the content very difficult. Trying to find the site however via search engines was easy. Yahoo and Google both list the source at the top of the search results when searching for the terms "titanic casualty figures." News, editorials and advertisements are no where to be found. The only content is that of the publisher of this website. The source code is very basic HTML and misuses tables to format the layout. CSS, Javascript or any other coding languages are no present.

The website overall is reasonably credible. The content verifies the published statistics and information to widely known resources. The presentation unfortunately detracts from the usability and even likability of the page.

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