Thursday, July 7, 2011

Laura Brown a.k.a. Senora Cafe

I am 34 years old. I am married to Tim Brown and we have 4 kids: Rachel (12), Renee (11), Alex (7), and Joshua (5). I have lived in Texas for 1 year. Before that we lived in Virginia, West LinkVirginia, Colorado, and California. I was born in Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner! (J/K Dr. Royal!)

I have a BA in Comm Studies and a MA in Curriculum & Instruction. I am currently working towards a MA in Comm Studies and eventually a PhD in Comm or Ed (depends on if we stay in San Marcos). I was admitted to Columbia's Ed.D. program last year but we could not find employment or housing there for our family of 6 (2 bed apt? I think not!) I am a GIA for Comm studies at Texas State. In the fall I will be teaching another 3 sections of COMM 1310 (MWF 9, 10, 11am).

I grew up with Macs (Commodore 64 and Apple IIe) then went to a Mac sponsored school. I have always been interested in the latest technology and gadgets. I taught myself how to create a web page from my brother's source (he is now the webmaster for, and used Ircle, Broadcast, and First Class Client as an undergrad. I took several online courses as a grad student and got really interested in how online courses could be improved (some of them are TERRIBLE!). This led me to work as an Instructional Designer for Liberty University for about a month, until I could no longer tolerate the way that school is operated. This led my husband and I to escape the conservative craziness and move to Austin. =)

I enjoy watching movies and playing games with my kids and extended family. My brother's family and my parents live on opposite coasts but we usually get together once a year at a cabin somewhere. Last year it was Poconos, PA for canoeing, swimming, and relaxing at the lake. The year before that we rented Jet Skis at a lake in North Carolina. As you can see we also spend a lot of time in water. =) This year my brother can't make it, but my parents will be coming here for the next 2 weeks.

I am taking this class because my friend Jeremy Littau HIGHLY recommended Cindy Royal; then a classmate, Dale B., confirmed his recommendation. This class is not required for my degree or teacher licensure (7th-12th grade Speech) but I believe it will help me greatly as a high school or college teacher. I already use every option on TRACS for my COMM 1310 classes - even though we are only required to use the gradebook and syllabus.

I have seen the History of the Internet video before, and lived parts of it. ; ) My father-in-law was a computer programmer back when they used punch cards. (Now he is working on digitizing medical records - in such a way that they are protected from hackers.) One of my favorite parts of the internet's history is the idea that no one person is in charge. The system is designed so that it will survive even if service to one or more areas is disrupted (even by nuclear attack). I also enjoy the fact that the original programmers were more interested in open source and sharing of information then making a profit on their gadgets and gizmos. I also find it humorous that IBM had no interest in helping finance the internet.

I am VERY excited to take this class and to be working with each of you! =)


Deena Poncik said...

Love the family picture! Beautiful family! :)

Laura said...

Thanks! =)