Friday, July 8, 2011

Search Engine Exercise #10

How much does it cost to get high speed internet service in the Austin area?
I used a google search and typed in the phrase "high speed internet Austin TX" without the quotes.

The following were the top 3 paid results:
AT&T $19.95/month for 12 months (if you can get a rep on the phone)
Comcast (the link sends you to a page for xfinity, not Comcast)
AT&T DSL $14.95/month for 12 months (if you can get a rep on the phone)

The next 3 were unpaid location based results:
Clear internet Austin Plans starting at $35
Clear 4G Wi-max call for a quote
A American high speed internet call for a quote

The next 4 were unpaid standard results:
Time Warner I clicked through 6 pages and still never found a price. I think mine is about $30/month, but it is very fast even with 2 netflix movies going at the same time.
Verizon call for a quote (We tried to get Verizon when we first moved to TX because we had it in VA, and they said it was not available in Austin yet.)
Cox call for a quote
Grande Communications $27.99-89.99/month (Just not in my building, even though I can see the satellite from my window.)

So, based on this search, high speed internet in Austin is very expensive and difficult to order and install. We have lived in several other states where we just took our Verizon modem with us and they had us installed the day we moved in with no problems for under $20/month.

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