Monday, July 18, 2011

True story of the internet: Search & People Power

After being married to a sports nerd for the past 12 years, I am not at all surprised by the origins of web searches. Sports statistics and computer nerds often go hand in hand. =)

Advertising is one of the necessary evils of the web. If it were possible to use the internet without cost, then advertising would not be necessary, but everything about the internet has a cost associated with it - hardware, software, fiber optics, developers, overhead, etc. It took Google several months to figure out how to incorporate ideas from Overture, Excite, and still have the ad-free look they wanted, and I still use them today because of their clean design.

Stanford has been busy producing a googol of computer nerds. Yahoo!, Excite, and Google were all started by Stanford grad students.

These videos are relatively over-dramatic. They narrator is interesting, but difficult to watch because he moves around so much. The "Browser Wars" and "Bubble" videos are much worse than the two we watched. There were times I wasn't sure if I was watching a documentary or an episode of the X-files.

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