Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sean Kimmons info

I'm currently a journalist for the Hays Free Press and hoping that this class will allow me to expand my duties into the multimedia field, where the dying medium of print journalism is heading. I've worked as a journalist for about a decade in a variety of places including England, South Korea, Australia, Iraq and Hawaii. My major is general mass communications and I plan on graduating in 2012.

I live in Austin and enjoy what the lively city has to offer. I'm originally from Nebraska and, no, I didn't wake up early in the morning to milk cows nor did I have a rooster as an alarm clock. I also have a passion for photography and traveling. My passport is perhaps my prized possession, which has been used in about 30 countries so far.

As for the video, there were a few things that I found interesting. I learned that the first Gulf War was the first war to use internet capabilities. In 1998, information technology also represented one third of the real growth in our nation's economy.

In addition, the creators of the internet were first rejected by AT&T and IBM, who now heavily rely on the communications format. I also believe I heard from the video that there is more computer software on today's personal computer than the amount of software that helped put the first man on the moon. It makes you wonder what sort of future endeavors that computers have in store.

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