Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The page serves as a house for Chuck’s comments and opinions coupled with factual data regarding the last seconds and aftermath of the RMS Titanic. The page contains statistical data and graphs of the members onboard the Titanic. The data is categorized according to class, gender, sex ect., which illustrates the survival rates of the passengers in the dull graphs.

The Titanic Disaster: Official Casualty Figures and Commentary page was created in 1997, it’s complete but it shows no sign of being updated since its creation. Chuck has updated his home page (2008) and one or two of the internal links listed within the Titanic page however. More specifically, one internal link- full text of the court's recommendations with a view to promoting the safety of vessels and persons at sea works and was last updated in 1998. An external link for The Telegraph Office produces an error message and redirects the user to another non-relevant site. Although, the Encyclopaedia Titanica link works and lends somewhat to his credibility. The encyclopedia titanica and the Lord Mersey's Report support his views and provide evidence for the facts and figures he lists. Chuck disputes but includes the location information for John Updike’s related article published in The New Yorker as a (working) external link.

Charles Anesi AKA Chuck is the creator of the page, which is one of several pages located on his personal web site. The Titanic page has no contact information listed; it only has a navigation link to his home page accompanied by the copyright information. The url can’t be backtracked either. He only provides an e-mail CharlesAnesi@cox.net and a link to The Lodge of Shingebiss (Chuck's Obsolete Blog). The text provided under contact us makes it seem like he has received sexist/prejudiced comments from a skeptic audience in the past. Although the main web site lists “contact US,” he does not seem to be affiliated or sponsored by anyone. The Titanic page has non-interactive, basic and lists no affiliated members or sponsors. The only time I noticed an affilication or sponsor being mentioned was when I was on Chuck’s home page. He has the MyMeat link that claims the site is not affiliated with “Our signature Meats, whatever that is,” which makes me think the other pages he has linked to his home page (including the assigned “Titanic” page) should not be taken seriously. The Meat Raffle on the MyMeat page is odd and is not certified. Profound language is displayed on navigation link for his home page, which says” waste time at chucks home page.” Also, the inappropriate text representing the link only loads the home page a third of the way.

The lackluster page is technically user friendly, non-interactive and some of its contents can be verified. Some of the things I believe reduce his credibility include the fact that he uses several different types of font, massive amounts of text, few graphs and he bolds full paragraphs religiously. On the other hand there are no distracting advertisements, which are most likely one of the reasons why the site overall is an eyesore-no budget? Chuck’s writing style is very opinionated but the majority of the commentary is approperate for the viewers. One exception is the MyMeat page. For example, the first sentence ends in “shit” so no I don’t think this page is appropriate. Moreover, the meat raffle probability calculator is unique and definitely out there, it does work but the randomness makes me doubt the accurateness of the data it computes. There is no sound on the assigned page but Chuck’s favorite sound bytes link on his home page provide sounds and video in the Sun/NeXT .au format and utilized QuickTime. The single clip art-like image on the assigned page was saved as “titanic.gif” and while viewing the page in html, it allows you to click on it and reloads the image in another window. While I was viewing the page in html, I noticed it uses meta tags. Also, during my research I searched: Google, Ask.com, Answers.com and Yahoo and asked what was "the Titanic's last distress signal sent in Intercontinental Morse Code?” to verify the page’s credibility and found that his web site popped up on the first page of every search engine and that the answer was consistent with other site options.

Overall, I think the page is too basic, needs to be updated and needs to have some multimedia or some interactive content. I believe the statistics are accurate but like the title states-it's commentary. I think I would refer to a more credible site if I needed accurate information on this subject.

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