Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Internet video

I found the first part of the video was interesting for the most part. I am not technologically advanced so learning the origins of the Internet and how it all began to where it is today is awesome. It's funny that computers use to be treated like "rare sci-fi objects" whereas now computers are the norm and are everywhere. I really liked that Raymond Tomlinson, the man who invented e-mail, came up with the invention just for fun and chose the @ symbol simply because it made sense.I tried to find out how much his net worth was for his simple hobby but I couldn't find a specific article (Wikipedia cannot be trusted!). I also liked the irony in how phone companies weren't originally interested in building a computer network and Dr. Leonard's Kleinrock's Q theory. I found a great article on Dr. Leonard Kleinrock and how at age 6 after reading a Superman comic, he decided to build his own crystal radio from scratch. At age 6, I'm pretty sure I was still playing with play-doh and barbies so that's beyond fascinating to me. Here's the article and Dr. Leonard Kleinrock is the man in the picture FYI.


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