Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey :)

Hey Class Buddies :)
     My name is Brianne Richardson, and I am originally from Kingwood. I enjoyed everyones' introductions on Wednesday and look forward to getting to know ya'll better. I feel that we all have God-given gifts and talents  we can bring to the table.
     This is my senior year in school, and honestly it feels surreal. I interned this past summer with the Kingwood Chamber of Commerce and have a possible interview with Shell Oil once I graduate. However, before I start working, I desire to travel the world. I would like to spend at least half my summer traveling before starting work. Some particular locations I have in mind are Europe, Australia, Antarctica, and different parts of the U.S.
     Besides focusing on school work, I also enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, soccer, hiking, camping, jewelry crafting, sky diving, sketching, crafting, reading, and searching for wedding decoration ideas ( a close friend of mine recently made me her made of honor, so I have wedding thoughts frequently on the brain. l.o.l).
     I wish you all the best and have confidence this will be a fascinating semester.
                        -PR Love,

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