Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Internet Video: Thank Goodness for Visuals

Although the video on Monday was extremely interesting, I also found it somewhat confusing to listen to. Thankfully, the illustrations helped me figure out a little bit about what was going on.

I am always very curious about how important inventions were first conceptually conceived. Thus, I thought the most interesting aspect of the video was the perseverance displayed by the creators of the Internet. Other companies were already complacent with the services they were offering their customers, and some said the technology simply didn't exist yet. I found this interesting because companies could not ignore a new invention like the Internet today. In the Information Age, which was mostly created by the formation of the Internet, following, understanding and capitalizing on innovation early is crucial to a business' survival.

Another interesting fact about the initial concept of creating the Internet was the big picture thinking the creators underwent. The visuals did an excellent job of showing how communication between different computers had to expand for the invention to work. While it may seem like common sense to us now, the thought process behind creating new units that can talk to the old and new computers is revolutionary. For me, the most remarkable aspect of the video is how the creators thought outside the box, challenged the status quo and eventually found a way to make their ideas a reality that changed the world.

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