Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello everybody!


Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!

Again, my name is Julio Rochell and I'm super excited about this class. There are few little known facts about myself, as I'm a pretty open person.

I'm a guitarist. I've been playing for almost five years. I'm not a bedroom player and I love playing out with people. I currently play at my church in Austin. I love old and new music. From The Allman Brothers, to the Notorious B.I.G and everything in between. I'm a music gear junkie.

I also enjoy a good cup of coffee. My favorite coffee shop is Summermoon coffee bar in Austin. They fire roast their own beans in Dripping Springs. If you're not into coffee, you should check them out. If you're into coffee, careful. Charbucks will never be the same after you taste a Summermoon Latte.

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Hope to share more with you guys!


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