Tuesday, August 30, 2011

History of the Internet

I had no clue there was even the thought of linking computers up during the 1960's. The foresight and determination the developers must have had to think of something as revolutionary as even the early stages of internet is commendable. During a time when little was known about computers and their abilities, the researchers were able to move past that thinking and effectively use their vision to shape what is now the modern world wide web. I always thought that even the concept of making the internet was not introduced until the 1990's but now thanks to the film, I am informed that the project had been in the works for quite some time. Also, I thought it was cool that they went against the grain and continued to develop their ideas although they had been told many times before that nothing would come out of it. I look forward to watching the rest of the film and learning more about the origin of the internet.
I found a few websites that were interesting to me regarding the internet:

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