Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Internet FIlm

The most interesting fact was that the concept of the Internet was introduced by a psychologist. I'm sure he conceived it as a way to connect people and help them reach a higher level of understanding of one another. I think this stage of the Internet is being finally being reached. Sure, we as humans have stumbled on ways of using the Internet tool, but we are learning how to use it to benefit our lives and not consume them.

Another interesting fact was the amount of vintage components the first computers were made of. I always knew computers were all analog at first, but I just never really imagined the amount of components that were used to make them work. It sounds very nerdy, I know. But imagine a modern watch made from an assembly line, and a simple, handmade watch. Which would you take? In the film, I saw vacuum tubes and vintage capacitors that can go up to $200 a piece now days.

iPod dock with tubes? Yes, please.

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