Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Matt Wood's Intro

I'm a mass comm major at Texas State University, with a minor in poli sci, however, I might switch my minor to economics so that I can convince the mainstream that Keynesian Economics is harmful to liberty and also prosperity; free market economics needs to be brought and taught to the public domain again. Anyways, I seek the truth and that's what brings me into journalism; I really believe that the media needs not just a facelift, but also an organ transplant (a spine implant might also be welcomed!).

My personal hero is Ron Paul; yes he is a politician, but he is much more than just a public servant. He is a civil rights leader, a social movement leader, the leader of the Second American Revolution, in a peaceful way of course. I liken him to Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson and other freedom fighters. He is the only presidential candidate (and one of the only elected officials) who will end the wars, bring our troops home from the 900 bases that we have in 135 countries around the world. He is the only one who will end the (un)Partiot Act and bring back our Liberties and the Constitution back. He is the only one who warned us of the economic collapse. He is the only one who will save us from tyranny/ He is the one.

I'm excited to be in Web Design because not only is this an interest to me and not only will it help my professional life, but also it will help me improve my recently revamped "news blog", The Austin Free Press. There isn't much content anymore because I removed all of the previous entries to improve the quality of the journalism - a fresh start if you will.

Anyways, I think a good thing to leave you with is Gandhi's famous words of wisdom, "you must be the change that you wish to see in the world."

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