Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I'm Trista Bishop and I'm from Bandera, which is a small town near San Antonio. I am a senior public relations major, but I hope to attend law school after graduating in May. I really enjoy public relations and love to learn more about it but I'm also very passionate about corporate law. I spent half of my summer studying diligently for the LSAT, so that I might apply for law school this fall. The rest of my summer was spent in Valencia, Spain, studying spanish with my fiancee. The picture above shows the two of us enjoying some time in Madrid.

Lately, I've been devoting quite a bit of time to planning my wedding, which is coming up next March. With what little spare time I have, I enjoy reading, working on my crafts, and watching the Food Network and my all time favorite TV show, Supernatural.

I am very excited about this course. I've be wanting to learn how to design websites for quite a while. In fact, my father has been asking me for months to help him design a website for his craft business but I haven't been able to help. I'm hoping that after this course I will finally have the skills to get it done.

Looking forward to a great time this semester,


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