Sunday, February 28, 2010

Website Credibility - Oceanic Defense

This website is called Oceanic Defense and it was copyrighted in 2009.

It is updated constantly because they have a “news and events” box on the right hand side of the page with the last one being dated 2/19/2010. The audience for this site is all people who are interested in conservation of marine species and who are concerned about the wellbeing of our oceans. Environmental agencies, educational institutions, scuba community members, and other related fields could be target audiences for this site. All of the links work properly and some are internal while others are external. Many magazines, news organizations, and non profit organizations support this site. Under the “partners” link, they have provided a list of people they are affiliated with.

The founder of Oceanic Defense is Jeff Shaw, and he is also the executive director. On the “about us” link, they have provided pictures of all the staff members and a short biography of them all. There is a contact link with connections to e-mail, twitter, facebook, skype, and their blog from Blogger. Since this organization is completely non-profit, there is a link for “donate” so that the site can continue to be sponsored. Since this is an organization, it contains “.org” in the URL. All of the internal pages are correctly titled in the URL bar and I am able to backtrack in the URL easily.

This site is very professional looking. It uses appropriate colors and photographs with effective use of typography. There are no noticeable grammar errors and the writing is stye is appropriate for the topic.

As far as I can tell, the source code for the site looks well put together and properly set up.

The best part about this site are the photographs and typography. They are both very visually appealing and make a scientific topic (which would normally be hard for the average person to swallow) easier to understand.

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