Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi, I'm Amanda

Hi, my name's Amanda. I'm a communication studies senior from Austin. I'm graduating in May, and I'm less than thrilled about it, but I suppose it's coming whether I'm ready or not. I work for The University Star (you should follow us on Twitter at, and in my spare time I like to run, read and play with my dogs.

I'm really enjoying Web design thus far, which I never thought I'd say (I've been described as being pop-culture and tech illiterate). However, people can change...

Piggybacking off of everyone's comments regarding the video: I really enjoyed seeing how the Internet came to fruition. The irony of it all is much of the trials and tribulations those creating the Internet went through is much the same as that which today's tech pioneers are having. Innovators are met with resistance much of the time, not unlike our friends in the video. This was best illustrated by the Tele-com world rejecting the premise of the Internet, saying it would be a "flop." Later, of course, they had to eat their words.

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