Monday, February 15, 2010

Date the nerds.

Don't you know some Stanford alumna is kicking herself for turning down what she thought at the time was just some nerdy guy who kept asking her on dates.

Big mistake, huh?

The story of Google and their unlikely creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin reaffirms the age-old tale — college nerds turn into successful millionaires. Or in their case, billionaires.

Google has revolutionized not just the Internet, but the way people find information. In fact, it's encouraged people to seek out information. Whereas before everyday citizens waited for morning to learn yesterday's news on print, today they know the news as it happens. And they don't solely learn the news, they report it. Th Google search has empowered members of society to find their own information, report their own findings. Enter citizen journalism.

Google not only changed the way we think. Google changed how we think. And we are still learning from the implications following the innovation that is Google.

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