Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Web site I decided to do my exercise on was I check this a lot whenever I am not feeling like myself to see what I have, that way I can skip the health center or when they try to tell me I have something that I know I don’t, I tell them what medicine to give me. The page is completed and being updated all the time. The title of the page is WebMD, Better information. Better health. The site began in 2005 and it has a copywrite for 2010. The target audience would be any one who is interested in health or worried that they could have a health problem. All things from fitness and exercise, to sex issues to health A to Z is included in this site. If you want to become an outside source to support their page, you must sign a linking agreement.

Because this is an advertising informational page, there was no way for me to find who created the page. My guess would be a doctor and their credentials would be a Ph.D. If you wanted to contact them, you can send an email through the contact us link at the bottom of the page. Some of their associations and affiliations would include eMedicine, RxList, Medscape and HLTH Corporation, which are all accessible as links at the bottom of the page. It is not clearly stated who sponsors the site, but there’s a link about WebMD Corporate. This is not a personal site, and with a domain name as, it is the Web site. This site is very accurate with the information. Journalists write stories about trends and health issues. There are other ways to get the information without being on the site. There is a magazine, health record, newsletters and app for the iPhone.

This site does look very processional. It is free of GSP errors and the writing style is appropriate for the content. Being that I used this site for my personal daily life, I would say that it is very user friendly. The headings and links are very organized and easy to read. The images on the home page scroll through like a movie and there is no sound, thank God. The first time I ever found the site must have been from Google; now when I need information, I just type in The ads are at the top of the page, while editorials are in the center. This isn’t really a news site, but if there was news, I’m sure it would be on the home page in the center. The source code looks like my source code from my site. The only thing different is it has a lot of indents. I would recommend this site to anyone and I will continue to use the site for my issues I research on health.

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