Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adrenalife Magazine - Project 3

For my project 3 assignment, I am going to create a website for the magazine I am hoping to start one day. It will be called Adrenalife Magazine (like adrenaline) and it will be targeted towards people looking for adventurous things to do. I will have 4 pages - home, upcoming adventures, past adventures, and plans for the mag.
On the home page, I plan to talk a a little about what Adrenalife is. I will have 3 pictures of things people I know have done on the top and then a paragraph below each picture.
On the upcoming adventures page, I will talk about the things my friends and I have planned for the near future with links to the sites related to them.
On the past page, I will post videos, pictures, and explanations/commentary of things done in the past by people that I know.
And finally, on the plans page, I will discuss how I plan to go about creating my magazine after I graduate.

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