Monday, February 1, 2010

Taylor Hays

Hey, my name is Taylor Hays. I grew up in Amarillo, but have been living in the Austin/San Marcos area for the past three years and really enjoy it. I currently work at Starbucks (the one at I-35 and Centerpoint Rd.), so anyone can feel free to stop in, say hi and grab some coffee. I am a general mass communications major with my minor in English. I am not sure where this will take me in the future, but one of my goals is to have a novel published. Seeing as our professor is a music aficionado, my favorite three musicians at the moment would be Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, and Citizen Cope.

There was one fact that really stood out to me during the video, more than any other part. It was when they said that an average laptop, today, has more computing power than the lunar module. I don't know which part of that is more surprising to me; that today's laptops have that kind of capacity, or that we successfully landed on the moon with less computer technology than my $900 HP laptop.

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