Sunday, February 28, 2010

I chose to do, the Houston Chronicle website, for my web credibility Evaluation.

The content of the article gives it great credibility. The information is up to date and the audience is clearly stated. The information is exactly what you would expect it to be from a daily newspaper website. The page also has external links which are useful and work properly.

The site is authored by the Houston Chronicle, a very credible source. The paper can also be seen in a print publication format, increasing further its credibility. The publication is part of Hearst Newspapers, another very credible source. The only concern would be the fact that it’s somewhat difficult to see the tiny link at the bottom of the page to contact info, but otherwise the authority portion of this sight leaves little to question.

The site looks professional. The navigation is fairly self explanatory and there is a lot of pertinent information or guides to where to find more within the homepage of the site. The writing style is appropriate and the setup makes sense for a newspaper web version. The images all work and there are no obvious spelling or grammar errors.

Overall, this site looks professional and is from a professional source, which makes it pretty credible. Perhaps some of the layout could be better, but overall I would not worry about the credibility of the site’s content.

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