Sunday, March 6, 2011

On my quest to find the most un-credible website, I came across this: At first I had a hard time figuring out where it stood, but after reviewing it's content, authority, and presentation, it was painfully obvious that it wouldn't make the cut.

The content of is bias towards Native American tribe members living on reservations in South Dakota. On top of that, every single one of the pages on is busy, belongs in the 90's, contains every color font and to top it off, has a centered homepage. Even though the pages on this website have plenty of content, the content is poor just like the website itself. The title page is simply "" throughout every page, and the links act as internal pages to only allow the reader to navigate throughout the website. What I think are outside sources remain as the same web address so for younger students
, this website could create a lot of confusion. There is little to no clarity.

Unsure of it's authorization, the website gives a lot of individual names and contact information yet none of them are clearly defined. For example the page/link, "Rosebud Sioux Tribe" lists President's and other position and contact information without clearly defining what it is. However, after trying to find "" on a different browser and it not showing up, I realized that the "Rosebud Sioux Tribe" was pretty much the only legitimate website that "" had provided as a link. Regardless, is sponsored by Native American newspapers that advertise themselves smack down the middle of the homepage but, the fact that it's domain of .net is a personal one that isn't always accessible says a lot about the authenticity of this website.

Of course the big give away for this website was its presentation. This site is confusing, busy, tacky, and inappropriate at times. The topics range from studies that provide no resources to why certain companies are bias towards Native Americans. Considering my journey to find this website, I can understand why I'm not finding it again. First, I used the Google search engine and typed "geocities" which lead me to "angelfire" (I knew both of these web hosting sites would provide the worse of the worse) and then I just came across it while browsing. The images, navigation, and the advertisements smacked in the middle of the already confusing website shows the lack of professionalism of this site.

Although sometimes it may be hard to decipher if a website is credible or not, if you apply content, authority and presentation and it doesn't add up, then you know you have a problem. It's about putting all these elements together to build a successful website so don't leave part of the equation out.

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