Sunday, March 6, 2011


After checking out the site on Titanic site we saw in class, and how it was the first website that came up on google, I decided to approach this assignment in the same way. I went to google, and picked a topic, I went with top dog breeds. The first website that came up was, which I thought right off the bat would be slightly credible. After going to the site, I examined the content, authority, and presentation of the site.
The content on the is pretty abundant; they have information on all types of dog breeds, how to register them, and the site includes several pages such as breeds, events, owners, etc. The content on the site looked credible when I first came to the page because it was very organized. The statistics were set up in an easy to follow table. The title of the page was AKC Dog Registration Statistics, and the site seemed to be complete. Also, the content seemed to be kept up to date, along the footer of the site there was an @ 2011 for the Copyright. There were several links leading you to further information on certain breeds or other topics, which all were correctly functioning links. Overall, the content on this site was organized, easy to read, and definitely reached its target audience of current or future dog owners, or just dog lovers.
The site is a .org, and is made by the American Kennel Club. The site definitely has links to other information, and also has links to electronic ads and rich media guides. They include a contact us link at the bottom of the page that includes e-mail, phone, address, and even a contact form. Furthermore, they also give links and phones to their magazines, books, videos, and every department in their company. Also, along the side is a helpful links with FAQ, departments, etc. is credible because of how it references its information, gives you the opportunity to gather as much information as possible with outside links and contact information.
The presentation on this site was very nice. It had a nice professional logo at the top, and also appropriate navigation. Each page had a unique title, and the images were just the right touch. They had several slide shows of dog images, but not too many that were distracting from the information. The contrast of the color scheme worked well and there were no GSP errors in the content. When looking at the source, I saw a lot of java script, but also noticed a style sheet and similar attributes we have been working on in class.
After checking the content, authority, and presentation of, I would recommend the site to anyone who was needing information on dogs. I think it is a credible site after seeing the appropriate presentation, and organized content. It is an up to date site that provides the user with a plethora of accurate information, and allows you to research several topics about dogs. I think that this website definitely deserves to be the first site that comes up on a search engine seach when researching about dogs and dog breeds.

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