Sunday, March 6, 2011

Web Credibility Assignment - Bravo TV

I decided to evaluate the credentials of the website for my favorite TV channel, Bravo. Their website is BravoTV. The page is complete, but constantly changing with updates and news. The website does not have a date that it was last updated on, but by judging on its contents, it is updated on a daily basis to cater to the new shows and updates that the channel has taking place as well as the most recent news post being on March 4th. Bravo Media a copyright and a division of NBC Universal. The audience is the viewers of Bravo TV as well as people who want to know more information about the shows aired on Bravo. There are other sources of information on the website, but they have to do with the people who are on the shows. All links are internal and work properly.

I could not find who created the page, but believe it to be Bravo Media group. The means to contact the company are through mail or e-mail to the viewer relations of Bravo. The site makes it clear and has links directing the person to Bravo’s parent company, NBC Universal. I couldn’t find the sponsor of the site. The domain name tells us that it is a .com so it was a purchased domain name. I believe that the site is accurate because all the information on the site is from the actual channel (Bravo) and as you go through the shows, blog posts and information, you are able to go more in depth and learn more information about those things. There is a non-web version of the site, the mobile version, as well as an iPhone app with the same information as the website.

The site is fun and professional looking with scrolling graphics and enticing colors, photos and videos. The navigation bar is easily found on the page and the entire site is easy to navigate through. The writing style is casual because the target audience is all different age groups and diversities. I read a few of the news stories and did not find any apparent grammar, spelling or punctuation problems. I believe that the format is easy to use and navigate through, everything flows well (fonts, colors, sizes, etc) and doesn’t overload the site visitor even though there is a lot of information around there. Images, videos and graphics on the page work well and add a splash of color and pop to the page. When going through a search engine, all I typed in was “bravo” and the Bravo TV link appeared as the first one which was convenient. The news and editorials look the same throughout the site, but advertisements have a slight change. The ads used are for Bravo TV’s products anyway, so everything is related.

All in all, I think that Bravo TV has an easily functional site that caters to everyone. The information is all accessible to the public and visitors can easily search through TV shows, FAQ’s, photos, blogs and more all within the domain which is the most convenient.

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