Monday, March 7, 2011

Death and Taxes is a magazine that I really enjoy reading every so often and used to be subscribed to for several years. I normally visit the website just to see what is going on with them because I dropped my subscription a while back because of some loss of interest in what they began writing about, but I do enjoy seeing what they still have to offer.

First of all, yes, the site is completed and the titles of the page is Indie Music News, Pop Culture, Politics and Entertainment | Death and Taxes. It was last updated on Monday, March 7th, 2011, which is today. So they obviously update this just as much as any other news site because of their "news and pop culture" background. The demographic they seem to be aiming toward is 20-something college kids yet they still cover some older bands and have some dated popular culture pieces yet I put them in the category of appealing to someone more like me because of their obvious bias slant towards liberalism and democratic politics. They have always been a huge supporter of Obama and his administration. From what I can tell, almost all of their links are internal and work very well. I couldn't seem to find any that were messing up for any reason. Death and Taxes pulls a lot of their information from news media so it is somewhat supported by other in the fact that D+T uses them as a source, such as the Girl Talk PBS "tell all" video.

The editors of the site are Alex Moore and Stephen Blackwell. I couldn't seem to find many of their credentials but they do however provide an email link along with their Twitter and Facebook pages.  The site provides their mailing address, email and phone/fax number as well. MOG music is one of their main advertisers on the page, a site that offers "unlimited music downloads" along with a few more advertisers for bands and what not but it is quite clear they allow prominent advertising on their page. The site is clearly created for the magazine and isn't personal, it is a .com. In several of the articles there are links to outside sources such as Gallop Polls and where a story or interview not covered by them was covered initially. Death and Taxes used to be a print magazine but it looks as if they've switched completely to the web. I couldn't find a place to subscribe so this was news to me. If they do still have one it used to send out 6 issues a year.

The site is very professional looking and well organized. The writing is very articulate and goes well with the pieces it covers, especially with a sort of sarcasm picked up easily by the reader. The navigation is very large and clear, easy to read. Each page is provided with a news feed format with each article posted in the feed so it is easy to follow and get a quick description. Most of their content picture wise is edited very well, something the magazine has always prided itself on. Many of the videos are hosted by youtube but some of the music is supported by a format I have never seen before. Ads do have separate windows and aren't pulled up through the website itself. The page sources didn't have a lot of meta tags but there are several thinks and hrefs.

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