Sunday, March 6, 2011


I decided to do my credibility assignment on Cozumel, since my boyfriend and I will be visiting there in only THREE DAYS! So excited! I did a Google search on "Cozumel." The first site that comes up is . It from first glance appears to be an official site for the island.

The title of the site is Isla Cozumel. The motto or slogan is "Heaven on earth." It is a complete website, last edited and copywrighted in 2010. The site contains all and any information about visiting Cozumel, including accommodations, amenities, videos, history, excursions, general facts about the island and other details. The internal links work, and site visitors can link to Facebook, Flikr, Youtube and Twitter from the site as well.

The site is considered the "official destination site" for the island, and appears to be sponsored by either the tourism bureau or whoever handles PR for the island. There is an entire form dedicated to contacting the moderators of the site. The site is a .com. The site looks very official. Much time was spent on the design and lay out. There are many resources listed.

The website gives a viewer pretty much any information they would ever need about Cozumel. The site would be used to plan a trip or even research the island. The links and information are very well-written, descriptive and all appear to be accurate.

The site is extremely professional looking, colorful, well-organized and comprehensive, as it represents the entire island. It is important for the site to look this way, because Cozumel relies heavily on tourism. The navigation and titles are straightforward and useful.

This site is at the top of listings when you do a Google search for "Cozumel". There aren't really advertisements on the site, there are listings of things to do, places to go and stay and things to see when in Cozumel. The site does have listings of lodging, event locations and attractions.

The meta tags include keywords cozumel, mexico, diving, scuba, snorkel, watersports, water, sports, ocean, caribbean, lodging, official, history, travel, destination, and adventure.

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