Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 3

I'm going to do my new website on one of my favorite hobbies, going to live shows and discovering new bands and artists. These artists are some that most people haven't heard of. Although this is similar to Dr. Royal's website, I will attempt to showcase bands and artists from all around Texas, with a focus on the Rio Grande Valley scene that I grew up with and was a part of.

I chose this topic because I constantly come across bands and artists from Texas that I believe are blog-worthy, however, I never see any posts about them.

The sections on my site will include a Home page, where I will post news about artists, such as tour dates and new mp3s; an Artist page, where I will list and link all artists that I discuss or will discuss in the news/home section; a Video page, where I will post videos of performances or interviews with these artists; and an About/Contact page where I will post a little bit about myself, what I wish to accomplish with this site and my contact information. The intended audience will be people who are interested in finding underground Texas music.

The picture above is of a band called Holiday that I will discuss on my website. They are from Austin, but the guitarist is from the Valley.

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