Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Website

I am going to do my new website on a brand new organization at Texas State called Bobcat Belles. It is an organization whose prime duty is to support the Texas State Football team. We will work hand in hand with all of the coaches and do paperwork, recruit visits, game day functions, etc.

It is the perfect organization for someone like me who hopes to work in the sports field after I graduate. Also, this organization doesn't have a website and today I had a meeting with the Coach who is in charge and he thought it sounded like an awesome idea to create one.

I will include pages like About Us to let the audience know what the organization is, an online application, and a page to introduce the coaches, and possibly a Football page that explains prides and traditions of TxSt game day since that will be one of our main duties as a Belle.

The audience will be college girls, especially those interested in athletics, and has pride in Texas State.

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