Monday, March 7, 2011

Web Credibility Assignment

MMM..I love good cooking and trying new recipes so I decided to do my assignment on . Rachael Ray is a well-known cook and has her show appear on The Food Network. The Food Network is one of my favorite channels because I love learning how to cook new things and she has always been one of my favorites to watch, I think maybe because of her personality and how she is more personal; she happens to draw my attention wanting to watch her cook! So with that said...

The website is most definitely complete and the title is Rachael Ray.It was created in 2007 and it was last updated this year 2011 (of course the recipes are dated as they are placed on the website). the audience is anyone who is looking for a recipe or information on Rachael Ray; also, anyone who is looking to purchase her cooking books or subscribe to her magazine "Everyday with Rachael Ray"! At first glance it appeared as if the site cluttered with advertisements but most of the page consists of recipes and links about cooking and blogs of course. Some of the advertisements are for Seapack Shrimp co. and Johnsonville sausage. All the links do appear to work properly and the sources do support information displayed on the website.

The site appears to be created by Rachael Ray Digital LLC and web designer is There are blogs on the site for customers and viewers to share the opinions or thoughts and there all all types of contact information under Contact Us, advertisers and people searching for recipes all have separate links as well as many other contacts. I'm not exactly sure who the sponsor of the site is, other than Rachael Ray herself and well of course the contribution from advertisements but the domain name is a .com; it appears to be Rachael Ray's personal cooking website the domain is simple so there is no backtracking and the website is pretty accurate.

For the most part the site is fun and loud not entirely professional but credible. All of the headings and photos appear to have proper placement however I do feel that the alignment is somewhat off; the page is so busy with photos and separate links you could almost get lost.Many of the separate links and advertisements do have separate individual styles but manage to flow together. In the source code the site that is listed at the top is , this is a web design tracking page and the code consist of many divs but not as complex as I would think and there is a stylesheet included as well.

Overall, I think this is a great website with many information available to the viewer on Rachael Ray and her cooking recipes. I do think it should be simplified so that it is visually pleasing and not so condensed.

By Trisha Lynn Craddock
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