Sunday, March 6, 2011

Credibility Assignment

I decided to use for the credibility assignment. My initial thought is that this website is not going to be credible by any means.

Content- The content of the site claims to be newsworthy articles, however the crazy life of Charlie Sheen does not seem newsworthy to me at all. Some of the content seems to be biased. The site is complete. I noticed that it is constantly being updated which is a positive for the content.

Authority- There is no specific name for a creator of the site. The articles on the site have the names of authors but no way of contacting them. Under the “Contact Us” section there is an email for the editor and a phone number. I don’t think the site is very accurate or trustworthy. I think the print medium makes the website seem less credible.

Presentation- The site is very full of links and there is just too much in one area. It’s too busy. The color of the background doesn’t support the news aspect of the site.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t consider this website credible.

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