Sunday, March 6, 2011

Credibility Assignment

I decided to do my web analysis of I read the magazine monthly and I love fashion. does a good job of showing the current fashion trends. It is always the first to report what’s happening in the fashion industry.

The content of the website is complete. The title of the page is “Vogue Fashion, Features, and More on”. The updated date on the web page just has 2011 but the last article posted was dated March 4 at 9:53 a.m. The target audience is anyone who has a love for fashion. The links listed on the page work and are relevant to the information it supports.

Code and Theory is the creator of the web page however, I believe Conde Nast is in charge of the web site. Code and Theory is a design and software company. They have designed for designer label Bottega and Veneta and, among others. There is no contact information available but there is a link to Conde Nast Digital where there is a “contact us” link. This site is definitely accurate because Vogue has a lot of credibility being a part of Conde Nast publication. There is not a non-design website but the print medium of Vogue has a great reputation.
The site looks very professional because it’s a little plain but it helps it to look modern. The writing style is professional using the appropriate words to describe types of trends and the style of clothing. The site is easy to use having easy navigation. The images are high quality and attention grabbing (using Flash). The high quality of the images and the way transform on the site influences my impression of the website. is a great example of a great website. The content is solid by posting new articles about fashion every day. Conde Nast, the authority of the website, has a great reputation and an amazing portfolio of publications. Finally, the presentation of is very professional using high quality images and appropriate descriptions.

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