Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 3

I've decided to do my project on A.W.A.R.E- a horse therapy a program I am involved with in San Marcos. The acronym stands for Always Wanted a Riding Experience, and the program provides children and older adults, who suffer from physical and mental disabilities, the experience to ride horses in a safe and fun environment. This website will be a great way to celebrate the program, provide useful information to potential riders, and recruit much needed volunteers.

I plan to include several pages on the website, including:
  • A "homepage" with attractive photos of horses and riders participating in the program
  • An "about" page that describes the history of the program
  • A "how to" page that outlines how to get involved in the program
  • A "volunteer" page that explains the duties of volunteers and possibly includes a schedule so current volunteers can see the days they are scheduled
  • An "events" page where information on playdays, summer camps, and more will go
  • A "meet the ponies" page with a gallery of the horses, their names, and a quick bio about them
I chose this organization because I have been involved for three years and absolutely love the program. While working with kids was something new to me, I have ridden horses for over 16 years and know a lot about them. In addition to helping out with classes for the program, I groom the horses, feed them, and clean their areas.

I want this website to have a horse-theme without looking too cutesy or amateur. I'm calling the presentation of this website "equestrian serious".

I hope this website is full of useful information and invites more participants and volunteers to join the program. Everyone working at AWARE is very passionate about the program and I hope viewers can understand that when they come to this website.

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