Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Boook to Find the Right Pet

For those looking for a pet’s companionship for the first time since leaving your parents, checking out a book to help find the right one would be a good idea. There are many variables when considering a pet’s care and attention, like time, money and environment. I would recommend Are You the Right Pet for Me? Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family by Mary Jane Checchi.

I searched “finding the right pet, book” on Google and this was the first listing. For the convenience of online shopping, the book was listed at Amazon for new and used prices starting as low as a penny without shipping and handling. Barnes & Nobles listed only used copies starting at $1.99 without shipping and handling.

All eight customer reviews on Amazon gave the book five stars and paragraphs of praise.


Lisa Carter said...

I like how Claire went about searching for her topic. I thinks she used the perfect search terms to get the best results for her topic. However, I probably would have gone straight to amazon.com and put "finding the right pet" into the search bar, which might yield more specific results.

Paige said...

I probably would have done just what Claire did--I would have jumped on Barnes & Noble and looked at reviews. Maybe going to a pet store Web site and looking, too? I'm sure they would have books similar to something like that as well.