Sunday, January 31, 2010

About Me: Lisa Carter

My name is Lisa Carter and I'm currently a junior seeking my bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in Spanish. I'm also the sports editor of the University Star and a City Brights blogger for the San Antonio Express-News.

There were several aspects about the video we watched on the history of the Internet last week that surprised me. One of these aspects was how when the Internet started becoming a mainstream concept, only 18 computers existed at that point in time. When discussing the history of the Internet with other people prior to seeing this video, we had always talked about how there were very few people with computers in the late '60s to '70s. However, I never thought there were as few as 18 computers during that time. I find it amazing now -- considering the number of people worldwide who now have computers and Internet access -- that the Internet has become such a global phenomenon within just a few decades, especially when considering that little tidbit of information from the video.

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