Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About Me - Adrianna G.


My name is Adrianna, but I mostly go by Adri (pronounced like "Audrey"). I am graduating in May with a BA in public relations and am getting married two weeks later. I am currently the intern at Texas Old Town in Kyle and they have offered me a full time position upon graduation. I am very excited!

While watching The Internet: Behind the Web I learned several things I didn't know before as well as some interesting facts.
  • I thought it was amazing that in 1992 there were only 50 web pages.
  • The fact that email and the @ sign were just thought up in someone's spare time just blows my mind. I barely have the time to eat it seems like and some grad student just wrote out the coding for email in his spare time... WOW!
It amazes me how much technology has changed and now the apple iPad! :)

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