Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Italian Restaurant in Austin

If you are looking for good italian food in the Austin area, I suggest Carmelo’s located at 504 East 5th Street. It is moderately to high priced, but has a high fan base that says it is worth the money. Lunch specials range from $10-15, and dinner entrees range from $15-20. Majority of its customers claim that the best part about this downtown restaurant is not only the atmosphere, but the appetizers and wine list.

When searching for a good italian restaurant to suggest, I began with Google and clicked on a link that said “10 best”. After reading some reviews and restaurant titles, I noticed that most of the comments disagreed with the ranking and/value the site placed each restaurant at. So I continued my search back at Google and found Carmelo’s with 70 reviews by customers that, for the most part, loved this place.


Claire Heathman said...

I've eaten at the Carmelo's in Houston and it is really good. The food was amazing and Italian music played in the background.
It can be pricey, but I agree it is worth it. It had a kind of ambiance and romantic atmosphere.

Rhea Friesen said...

I have to agree Carmelo's is good, but I prefer Mandola's Italian Market because it is a more comfortable and laid-back atmosphere (not to mention less expensive).