Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kristen Williams

My name is Kristen Williams and I'm a public relations major and Spanish minor. However, my passion is songwriting and I plan to move to Nashville after graduation. I am the president of the Student Musicians Organization and a member of the Austin Songwriters Group. This summer I am excited to visit Cuernavaca, Mexico for a month and take two classes.

There were many things that caught my attention on the video. One was that the AT&T reps dismissed the idea of the Internet, happy about the malfunctions. People will believe what they want to believe. Also, it amazed me that the team was only given $1 million to create the network. I always imagined the start-up costs to have been enormous. I also was so fascinated to finally find out who played what role in the creation of the Internet. The beauty of it is that it was truly a world-wide effort, with each person contributing their knowledge. What impressed me more than anything is that people could come up with an idea this lofty and follow through with it. And now it's the most important thing in our culture. Pure respect. Wish I was as innovative. :)

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