Wednesday, January 27, 2010

journalism requirements at UT

Bachelor of Journalism

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Journalism degree comprises 120 credit hours:

General Requirements (Core Curriculum)
A specific combination of coursework in English, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts, and writing component courses. See the degree checklists below for detailed course information.

Major requirements
A minimum of 33 and maximum of 36 hours of major-specific coursework in the School of Journalism

College of Communication requirements
Fourth semester proficiency in a foreign language.
Six hours of Communication courses outside your major.
Three hours Communication and Culture coursework

Electives are used to bring a student’s total hours to 120.
Elective courses frequently taken by Communication students can be found here.

Students can also fill elective hours by completing a concentration, certificate program, other other Academic Enrichment activity.

Admission with Deficiencies
Students who are admitted with deficiencies from high school, will find these deficiencies listed in their acceptance letters and on their degree audit. The areas of deficiencies are: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language. Students should check with the Office of Student Affairs (CMA 4.140) to learn more about the procedure to fulfill any deficient requirement that he/she may have. Deficiencies should be removed as early as possible to avoid problems later is the student’s academic career. Courses used to remove deficiencies will not count for degree credit.

The College of Communication no longer assesses a penalty for foreign language deficiencies.

Specific information on the courses that fulfill the general requirements, major requirements, and College of Communication requirements can be found in the Degree Checklists. Please click on the appropriate catalog link to download a PDF of your checklist. (Your catalog year is determined by the first year you attend the University.)

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